a fragment of cocomicchi in Mista Louis book

Mista Louis has created a book published by Rockport Publishers. yeah this time is ‘The doll scene’, an international collection of crazy, cool, custom design dolls, a comprehensive overview of true talents worldwide that uses Blythe, Dolffie or Pullip among others as a canvas to create those unique, dreamy and amazing customized dolls.
you can find a short interview and images of my art in this awesome book which was printed in April 2014.

my copy arrived today! waah so so excited, this book is actually even better than i thought, so many amazing doll photographs from different artists! i feel so grateful.
thank you all for supporting my work, you are amazing!

20 May, 2014

the doll scene
the doll scene book.

cocomicchi donation

this year the Seattle dudes have a lovely theme: “journey to the Emerald city” (Wizard of Oz) 🙂 however i wanted to contribute to their charity raffle with one of my cocoanimal dresses and greeting cards. i hope you like it!


a cocoanimal donation

if you are in Sevilla-Spain in October you may want to assist the Sevilla Blythecon event, they will be lots of stalls and lovely people.
i contributed to their charity raffle with a cocoanimal bear dress + greeting cards.

dolly ole

my stall at the Blythecon event

i am so excited this year Blythecon will be in the beautiful city of Amsterdam on the 12th of July, so i decided i will be there with my stall.
i have already prepared many cute things for your dollies and for humans! i will also bring a few new custom Blythe dolls to sell. i am very looking forward for this event and i hope to see you there!



my little girls in Ibiza

living in Ibiza was quite an experience, and i met so many lovely people. i was lucky enough to be invited by the owner of one of the awesome art galleries and exhibited a few of my dolls, so we had such a lovely time at the Living Art gallery thanks to Janine.
Ibiza gave me an interesting inspiration while i was there, such a paradise and different lifestyle!

ibiza exhibition

my Blythe dolls and horoscopes

while i was working for Fromental, the luxury handmade wallpaper company, they came up with the idea of a beautiful calendar for marketing purposes, so together we made a Blythe/Fromental zodiac calendar.
the wallpaper background was hand-painted and scaled to doll size, we made the outfits and accessories and i photo-shoot the scenes. the result was a really fun calendar that i really enjoyed making!